All handgun transfers are $25 each. All long gun transfers are $25 each. Silencer transfers are $50 each with exception to those purchased through Silencer Shop. Short Barrel Rifles/Shotguns and Any Other Weapons (AOW) transfers are $75. Fully Auto firearms transfers will be based on the value of the firearm being transferred.

Firearms will only be transferred to the actual buyer/owner of firearm listed on the invoice or package information.

Firearms will be stored for up to 30 days. Firearms kept after 30 days will incur a $1/day storage fee and after 90 days will be considered abandoned property and considered property of Evans Sporting Arms.

If a firearm is required to be shipped back to the seller for any reason, the transfer fee still applies as well as shipping cost back to the seller.

Transfers that result in a DENIAL from the FBI background check will NOT be transferred to the PURCHASER, FAMILY MEMBER of purchaser, or FRIEND of purchaser. This is federal law. If a transferee is denied, the firearm can be sent back to the original seller for the $25 (transfer fee) + return shipping OR purchased by Evans Sporting Arms at an agreeable price.

Evans Sporting Arms is in no way responsible for the condition or functionality of a firearm taken in for transfer. Any damage due to shipment or other causes shall be settled between the buyer and seller.

For firearm transfers IN / OUT download a copy of our FFL by clicking the following link: FFL Scan